Interior Design






Good design should create a splendid space.

I feel good design should create a splendid space that combines comfort, function and beauty. Each room is and should be a miniature of the house. I believe in starting with the shell of the house. Just like putting on a play, the set designer works with the director to create both the physical and emotional space, the tone, the mood and so on. My set is the color palette, the ceiling and the floor coverings. My director is the client.

I want a fresh and clean look prior to the actual decorating. From there the room “self-evolves” into an intimate and personal space. This is where the individual personalities of my clients take shape. Finding pieces that are distinctive and from unexpected places is crucial so as not to look like a decorator’s showcase.

When I first see a room, I immediately take inventory of what furniture and objects my client has collected, and decide what I want to keep – those pieces that are good quality, solid construction, and thus have timelessness that will create a room with a personality.