Wendy D. Kirkland

Wendy Kirkland established her business in Rhode Island in 1990.  She currently resides in Connecticut and has representation in South Carolina and Florida as well.  She has been featured in publications such as Traditional Home and The Wall Street Journal.  She has also participated in multiple show houses in the Greater Hartford area in Connecticut.

Wendy believes that good design should create a space that combines comfort, function and beauty.  She likes to start with the shell of the house and stage it, just as in a play, performing the role of the set designer, working with the director to create both the physical and emotional space to set the appropriate tone and mood.

She prefers a fresh and clean look prior to the actual decorating, using neutral paints and treatments, prior to the actual decorating.  From there the room evolves into an intimate and personal space.  This is where the individual personality of the client takes shape.  She feels that finding pieces that are distinctive and from unexpected places is crucial to the unique quality of each room.